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Your best locksmith at the best price.

Locksmiths Manchester is a local company which associate the best locksmiths in all Greater Manchester area.
We attach great importance to the quality of our services and the satisfaction of our clients, that is why we offer fast, reliable and professional locksmith manchester services. Price and professionalism are the values we stand for.

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High quality standards for our customers.

top quality security service

We are using just the best quality products which include a guarantee and ensure high safety for your premises or business.

The best locksmiths in manchester for the best price.

best locksmith in manchester

Our high standards company ensures the best prices. Home security, door lock and anti-snap have no secrets for us. You will always get a free quote so call.

24 hrs Manchester Locksmith Services.

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Your security is our primary. That’s why our partners are available 24hrs a day even during Christmas, New Year etc.

Why locksmith Manchester?

  1. Best prices
  2. Qualified and certified locksmiths
  3. The best suppliers
  4. Guarantee for parts
  5. Excellent customer service 

Our services

Locksmiths Manchester Services:
We have not left any corner of the county. Our extensive range of security services broadens to numerous cities around Greater Manchester. The local locksmith manchester is present in various communities and always ready to serve. We are always available in emergencies for 24 hours.

home lockout residential locksmith

 Our skilled and licensed locksmith manchester can install or replace any lock, whether your lock was damaged or you need new locks or spare keys.

When you are locked out of your car, lose your keys or lock them in the ignition or trunk, you need an experienced car locksmith that can get you back in your vehicle without any damage.

locksmith changing a door lock

New Lock Installation Service

It may be challenging to find the matching size and style of a new lock, as well as installing it properly. Instead of managing that yourself, give us a call and we will do it for you.

key duplication

Key Duplication Services

Our professional manchester locksmith company, can make sure you have keys copies so that you can develop a plan to avoid another lockout in the future.

white unlocked safe

Safes Installation Service

Do you have any precious jewellery or money and you need to prevent it from being stolen? Consider instaling a safe.  

commercial building safe thanks to locksmiths

Commercial Services - Locksmith Manchester

The security of your business is the utmost importance to us. We have a professional team skilled in the installation of high-security commercial locks for businesses.

The specificity of a locksmiths job is unique, and in our company locksmith manchester is something fundamental. The range of aspects both  mechanical and technical is so broad that without knowledge and experience, it will never have good results. That’s why being a locksmith is something more. Locksmith Manchester is not just our job - it’s our passion.
We are ready for immediate intervention at any time of day or night. No matter where and no matter if the person forgot the keys, broke the key in the lock, or it had a burglary our emergency locksmith manchester service is ready 24 hours a day to help.

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30 Minutes 30 Minutes 30
30 Minutes 30 Minutes 30 Minutes 30 Minutes 30 Minutes 30 Minutes 30 Minutes

Manchester Locksmith motto is “no job is too small for us“. Everything is possible here, regardless of whether it is a simple copy of a key or you need the encrypted one - we have all those services for you. Remember that if you want to copy the key to your home, written permission from the owner is required. Car keys can also be copied.

We understand better than anyone that keys, locks and doors have the elements that depending on usage can be naturally damaged. We are happy to advise you on the best product that meets your criteria and needs. From a single lock to a reinforced door, we can offer a wide range of products from high-quality suppliers.

new home alarm installation

In addition to the high demand for doors with a high level of security, we are increasingly asked to install alarm systems. Just write to us using the contact form or call us for a free quote and let us know your needs.

Our locksmiths manchester service is directed not only to private persons. Many companies and artisans use our services. Buyers always need extra security because they are exposed to address threats from bandits and other intruders. Our metal curtains are an essential element for small and large shopkeepers who do not want their windows to crack at night.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers to emergency locksmiths manchester

How much does the locksmith's service cost?

  • The price depends on many points. Firstly is the type of service that you need. Some works may be complex and may take more time; then the price is higher.
    Secondly, it depends on the kind of a new lock that you may want to install. Price of the lock may fluctuate. Some high-quality locks that give you more security are more expensive than others. Ask your locksmith manchester for advice to get the best lock for what you need.

Do I have to stay on the spot during the procedure?

  • If the service you need does not require a lock change, you have the option to be absent if required. Manchester Locksmiths will take care of everything.

How long it takes to change a lock?

  • Again everything depends. Most of the works need 30 minutes. Still, if you want excellent protection of your property, your locksmith Manchester will probably give you the best advice which type of the lock you may need. Sometimes installation of proper protection may take more time. Call us and ask. Read our article about keeping the lock in good condition and use this knowledge to prevent lockouts.

How to change a front door lock?

  • If you have the simplest type of a lock, you will do this without any problem. You need your key to unlock the door and some simple tools. Be careful, to buy precisely the same size of a lock.
    If it’s that simple for you to remove it, it’s simple for a burglar too.
    Consider calling locksmith manchester to instal a more safe lock in your door to increase safeness of your family and your property.

Will you damage my doors?

  • We know precisely that some of the doors may be expensive or in some way unique to their owners. Our experts, with their tremendous skills, will do their best to open your doors no-destructively. That’s the exact reason why you should choose a reliable local company to do this job for you, like ours locksmith manchester. Trust us, and we will do everything whats needed to be done with no damages.

What if a need a service during the night?

  • Don’t worry. Our Emergency Locksmith Manchester Company will help you even during the night, what’s more during the weekend too. We care about our clients, and we ready to help. Call us at any time, sos manchester locksmith!
key in the lock

Locksmith Manchester - Home security Service

Locks specialists
It’s a person who takes care of locks on doors, windows, cars, etc. and makes or repair keys and also install security systems. The profession of locksmith is called locksmithing. A locksmith can fix locks or install new ones in everything. From your house door to the car door, also, if it’s needed, he can install security systems like alarms. In most of the countries, locksmith job is restricted by many rules, and its demands to start learning as a pupil of an older experienced locksmith.

If you want more information read our article about the locksmith.

Manchester Locksmith Company
We are skilled persons who can adjust, install, and repair any locks and security devices. We can also assemble and duplicate locking keys, change lock combinations, install security systems, and provide electronic access control systems that suit your needs. Our knowledge and skills today are about to install and repair security devices and locksets of any kind. We take our profession seriously. We are a skilled locksmith manchester in all areas, and we correctly understand that home security requires a higher level of security to protect you from unauthorized persons.

preparing a new key

Let us tell you about some of the misconceptions about locksmiths business. We are not just for repairing or cut locks. We can offer you plenty of other high standard services which we are mentioning below.

  • Key Cutting (cut all types of keys)
  • Provide & Repair Windows and Door Locks
  • Provide & Repair Locks for Safe Security
  • Offer an Auto Locksmith Service
  • 24 hour Locksmith Services
  • Offer Access Control System
  • Mobile Locksmith Service
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Who is manchester locksmith Company?

We are a highly skilled and experienced team service. We ensure quality and affordable prices of services to our customers. No matter if you are stuck in a trouble situation in your property, you need new locks, or you are having home security problems. We are always ready to serve you. Locksmiths Manchester customers are aware that we are serving 24 hours. We proudly announce that 99% of our customers are satisfied with our services. We believe that if we help our customers friendly and respectably, they will quickly choose us whenever they face any problem regarding locksmith.

Why Choose Locksmith Manchester services?

Fast time of a response:
We are professional locksmith manchester, and we are trained to respond quickly to any situation. Their experience can provide several solutions like changing a lock or apply a security system within minutes.

We are available 24/7.
Sometimes at the worst time during the night, you will realize that you lost your keys or you were robbed. Whatever needs you to have, we are available 24/7, which means we offer you service outside of standard working time. We can provide you with trained professionals at your location with our locksmith manchester near me service.

Specialized Services:
Thanks to years of experience in the Locksmith Manchester and provide numerous quality services, we are the best in business when it comes to the security of your belongings like a home or car. Your safety is our priority, and we are really serious about that. For any services, we have a skilled team that you can trust. We will give you top quality services at less price.

Licensed Locksmith Manchester:
We are proud that each and every locksmith in our team if adequately trained, qualified, fully licensed, and insured.

Areas we cover

  • BL0
  • BL1
  • BL2
  • BL3
  • BL4
  • BL5
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  • WN7

Customers reviews

The best #locksmithsmanchester. Fast respond, although I called at 11 p.m. Broken key was not a problem, they repair it quickly without any damages. I have highly recommended it.
Sylwester J
Great service! Locksmith arrived within minutes, job done professionally and in no time. Highly recommend, A+++ service
Pawel M

Locksmith Manchester ensures security for your business.

We had previously written about a wide range of our home security services, but  Manchester Locksmith company is a lot more.

With Locksmiths Manchester you will keep your business safe.
If you have a shop window, and you want to keep burglars away from your business property, you should invest in metal curtains. Unfortunately, if you had your shop window broken in the past, you probably know how expensive the new window can be. You will usually have to pay the double price for immediate window change. What’s more, you will have a risk that your insurance company will increase the premium next year.
So instead of paying double price, think about security first, and call manchester locksmith for a free quote.

metal curtains can be ensured by locksmith manchester
safe installation

It’s often nowadays that business owners are instaling a safe, to make sure their company’s money is in the right place. We as Locksmith Manchester are following our customer’s needs, and we know how always to provide what they need. We offer a wide range of safes in many sizes and with different levels of safety. Check our number and get a free quote.

The other most common problem is locks in your company. Do you know maybe when it was the last time that a professional checked it? We wouldn’t be able even to count all the interventions that we had in big companies because of not correctly working locks or snapped doors. That’s why Locksmith in Manchester highly recommend keeping the locks in good condition (read more about it in our article).
A simple check can help a lot and make you avoid bad situations with your employees in the future. We can do this job for you, and if it’s needed, we can change your bad working locks for new ones.

new lock installation for businesses
master key system

If you the business owner, and you want to keep all your company in charge, Manchester Locksmith can ensure you a master key system. We have a whole article about it, but we want you to understand how crucial this subject can be for your business.
If your local have many rooms, and you want to avoid some of your employees to have access to it, this system will work correctly for you. Each of your company members will get his key which will allow him to enter only those rooms he needs for his work. We, of course, ensure free quotes.