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Our Locksmiths Service in Manchester is in several districts to ensure our interventions at any time of day and night. Call us at any time, and we’ll be with you in no time!


Unparalleled Quality-Price Service. We aim to be competitive with our pricing and offer cost-effective solutions that provide you with a first-class service and the highest quality security products.


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When you are locked out of your car, lose your keys or lock them in the ignition or trunk, you need an experienced car locksmith that can get you back into your car without any damage. We offer fast response time, quality service, and a friendly locksmith that understands your frustration. Call your locksmiths.

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Emergency Locksmiths Manchester care about your home security and comfort. Our skilled and licensed locksmiths can install or replace any lock, whether your lock was damaged or you need new locks or spare keys.
Whether you locked yourself out of the house in the middle of the night or want to rekey your new apartment, we got you!

24hrs auto emergency locksmith

It may be challenging to find the matching size and style of a new lock, as well as installing it properly. Instead of managing that yourself, give a call to locksmith Manchester and we will do it for you.

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Our professional locksmiths, can install secure locks on any door or window in your home and make sure you have keys copies so that you can develop a plan to avoid another lockout in the future.

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Do you have any precious jewellery or money and you need to prevent it from being stolen? Consider instaling a safe. People often call locksmiths in Manchester. We’ll always provide you with free quotations that are transparent and accurate.

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Commercial Locksmith

The security of your business is the utmost importance to yours. Emergency Locksmiths  realises this and can ensure personalisation of the safety of your store, commercial building or industrial establishment. We have a professional team skilled in the installation of high-security commercial locks for businesses.

Lock Re-Key

Locksmiths in Manchester is always available to rekey and unlock other devices or doorways, mailboxes, gates, locked drawers, cabinets and safes in addition to the doors & windows. Give a call to emergency locksmiths manchester to make an appointment.


Locksmith Manchester

No, and Emergency Locksmith Manchester is not responsible if a locksmith sells it. In many countries, it is illegal to sell and own anti-theft and entry tools. Our locksmiths do not sell these tools to anyone.

Keys marked “Do not copy/copy”, and “Illegal copy” may only be copied if you have a letter of authorisation from the owner/supervisor. The message must be letterhead and indicate the key to be made, the number of cores, the person receiving them, the name and number of the person who wrote the letter. The person who gets the keys will have to fill out the form. We reserve the right to refuse to duplicate the key marked “Do not copy”.

First, Spray the lock with a light oil (such as the WD-40, you will easily find it in large part of the hardware stores or supermarkets). Do not be afraid to spray too much, but have a piece of paper on hand to recover the excess. Spray the oil directly into the lock cavity and onto all components. Move it so that the oil can enter the lock. Avoid removing the lock when you not sure how to reassemble it.

If the WD-40 was not very useful, check if the latch works when the input is wide open. In this case, the problem is no longer at the lock. It can be an alignment of the door with the frame. Look for issues on the doorstep. Also, check the frame if you can see deformation or twist, or the door stops at the stop only at the top or bottom, it means that they are undoubtedly crooked. The entry must rest entirely and stay in the frame without any problems.

Our network Emergency locksmith manchester is composed of several locksmiths in different localities to be as fast as possible in situations requiring emergency intervention.

It is essential to have a local professional who can intervene rapidly.

Wherever you are located in, we serve throughout the Manchester area thanks to our strategic and efficient network of locksmiths!

Thanks to this, we guarantee a repair in less than thirty minutes in case of an emergency.

Need help? Contact the local locksmiths stockport via our form so he will call you back immediately if necessary.

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Our network works in all Greater Manchester. In 
The Emergency Locksmiths Manchester in now always easy to find. Our excellent experienced locksmiths will undoubtedly meet your expectations. The Emergency Locksmiths Manchester network is the most important given the size, the population of the municipalities composing the city and the constant demand of local locksmiths.

I locked myslef out of my apartment, I need help asap

You are probably asking yourself what to do next in this situation. The first and most important thing - don’t panic. If you have no spare key, better don’t use DIY door unlock advice from youtube at least if you don’t want to invest into a whole new door.

The best idea is to call a trusted local locksmith.  

Gaining access when you locked out yourself.

In case of emergency, local locksmiths are your best choice, as they can be really fast in your place, ready help you. Whether you need to gain access to your home, business premises or car we will be able to help.

How does a locksmith unlock the door?

If you lost your key or just simply locked out yourself, most locksmiths use a non-destructive way to open your door to enter the property.

Most doorknobs have the connection or mounting screws concealed that allows opening the doors with simple locksmith toolkit.

What if I am locked out of a house and I have a broken lock?

Don’t worry, experienced locksmiths have enough knowledge to deal even with a broken lock and allow you to enter your property. 

You will need to replace your broken lock. Ask your local locksmith for advice which kind of lock you should instal, and he will do it for you.

I snapped the key in the lock, what to do?

The locksmith will be able to remove the key from the lock and then he will unlock the doors to let you in. You not necessarily need to change the lock if you don’t want. The locksmith can cut a fitting key for your lock.

Which kind of locks can be unlocked by locksmiths?

Almost every kind of lock is possible to open by an experienced locksmith, including the following:

  • night latches
  • mortice locks – three lever and five levers
  • euro cylinder locks contain anti-snap locks
  • and others.

I locked myself out of a house, what I shouldn't do?


  • Don’t break in through the windows.

This idea may appear as first thought in your head, so why you shouldn’t do it? Well, the cost of a new window may be pretty expensive, that’s for sure. Moreover, your windows may be too secure to force open it from the outside, and it can finish badly with an injury, for example. 

  • Don’t try to open the doors if you don’t know what you are doing.

A professional locksmith can open your doors in a non-destructive way. It means that in most cases, you will not even need to change a lock in your entries. While if you will without proper knowledge, do it on your own, you will probably damage not only the bolt but also your doors.

  • Don’t choose a lock on your own.

It may look effortless, but in fact, it’s more complicated than you may think. If you will choose the wrong type of a lock, that doesn’t fit your doors you risking that you will lock out yourself once again. What’s more, it may cause that your latch will be too worn and easy to open by a burglar.

How to prevent being locked out of the house in the future? Locksmiths Stockport answer


  1. If you have a trusted neighbour or a friend, give him/her a spare key, to have easy access if you will forget your keys. In return, you can take their key.
  2. If you don’t have any close neighbour, you may consider buying a stashing a “hide-a-key”. Most of them have a really realistic design which allows blending in with natural surroundings. It can look like a rock or a log. But be aware that thieves know of this time-honoured hiding spots method. Choose a place for it wisely and in a really safe place.
  3. You can instal some door restrictors to prevent the door from shutting behind you.
  4. Check oil locks from time to time. It will help to prevent any unfortunate situations that can happen with the door locks. 
  5. If you will notice that the key starts to stick in a lock and the key won’t turn in the cylinder properly check it out don’t let it get worse.
  6. Find reliable local locksmith if you will need his help in the future.