Master Key System


Why is the Master Key system included in the offer of renowned home security manufacturers? Who is this offer addressed to? Learn everything you need about the Master Key system or call locksmith manchester to ask if this system is right for you.

The solution known as Master Key is a unique system of technology and construction in which you can open many different doors depending on the permission to access. Appropriate combinations of entrance door locks, inserts, padlocks, and other security devices are enabling a traditional bunch of keys to be changed into a single one. 

What is the master key system?

  • Also known as a central system that allows hierarchical access to different rooms. It’s the best system for companies where employees don’t need access to all places, while with the master key, you can open all of them. It is possible thanks to a set of cylinders and patented keys that are protected in the event of attempted unauthorized use. We configure the master key system based on patent inserts, half inserts, knob inserts, surface lock cylinders, etc.
  • Configuring the access hierarchy, we create a basic plan that contains information about the scope of access. The master key in the system is the key with access to all categories (the so-called master key). Subsequent group key keys, opening only part of the designated keys. As the name suggests, they are keys that have been assigned to specific user groups, e.g., technical service, cleaning section, etc. You can also make an individual key that only opens and cover one room.

Master key systems are a global standard in the field of security and effective building management and administration. In practice, almost all single-family houses, housing cooperatives, office buildings, industrial plants, hotels, state-owned schools, universities, police, and army units are using this system.

One key in many cases

  • Master Key systems have been designed with different target groups in mind. They can be owners of any business regardless of the scale of activity. It is not difficult to imagine the functionality of integrated keys in tourist, commercial, or office facilities. The higher the access control, the higher the security of each building user. Finally, these systems are prevalent among investors, builders, and housing associations. After all, as a resident of a block of flats, you will be glad that one key opens the gate, basement, and dustbin, and your keyring is not heavy in your pocket or bag.
  • If you want to order such a system, follow the same considerations as when purchasing other locks. Check the certificates used by the company and choose the best producers on the market. Also, remember that a lot depends on proper installation, so this task should be entrusted to professional locksmiths. Contact us (locksmiths manchester) and be sure that the Master Key system will be implemented at the highest level!