How to maintain the lock in good condition


The new lock significantly improves security. However, if we will not take care of it properly, it may cease to fulfill its primary roles. Therefore, as a household member, technical, or administrative employee, you must always be up to date with the state of the mechanisms and adequately protect them against damage.

Why locks are worth and should be maintained in good condition?
It’s mechanisms. Moreover, each device has its lifetime, even the best on the market. The day when something starts to fail must come sooner or later. Service and maintenance of security components can extend their functionality and usability, which translates not only into savings, but you may also gain convenience. After all, no one likes nervous situations in which the key jams, do not want to twist or you cannot remove the key. We are afraid of the moments when we cannot enter the room because the whole machine stopped working. Moreover, yet so many factors affect the state of mechanisms.

Let’s have a look at some of them:

  • passage of time
  • the frequency of opening and closing the door
  • atmospheric elements (especially in the case of external doors or gates)
  • naturally occurring moisture
  • dirt and dust appearing
  • rusting
  • improper maintenance, e.g., by another employee or an unskilled person
  • the quality of the materials used to manufacture the specific mechanism

As you can see, although we do not think about it every day, many factors influence the security status. However, through proper service, you can prevent unwanted effects, including breaking the mechanism too quickly.

What will certainly not help?

We usually remember about maintenance not after assembly, but only when something starts to fail, for example, when the key jams. What are we doing, then? Colloquial thinking suggests: ‘you need to lubricate!’. However, are you sure? After all, tiny crevices contain particles of water, dust, and dirt. In this case, all that can stick inside, and the mechanism may start working even worse.

The best solution for home and quick needs is to buy a skilled cleaning and maintenance product, inserts, and padlocks. Ask your locksmith for advice. A unique mixture sold in the form of a spray, with a small, practical capacity, can effectively solve many problems, and most importantly, future maintenance. The fluid injected inside binds particles of water and dirt, effectively removing them. By the way, it leaves a protective layer against the rapid recurrence of the problem. For specialized help, you should consider calling a local specialist (like locksmiths in Manchester).


Remember that professional service is always the right solution.
Locksmiths and employees of companies such as our Emergency Locksmiths Manchester knows best how to prevent all the wrong situations. No wonder, after all, we have the knowledge and professional equipment, also for repairs and security service. Therefore, sometimes, it is better to entrust the service to us, qualified professionals. The more active the maintenance, the longer the life of the locks and inserts!