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Why I need doubled keys?

There are several possible reasons why you would like to duplicate your keys.

  1. For families, it is convenient for everyone to have their key to return home typically so that they do not have to depend on others and be able to go back at any time.
  2. It is also good to duplicate its keys because depending on the type of key, it is not always easy to be able to make a duplicate and if you lose the only copy you have, you should eventually change the complete cylinder what will cost you a lot more.
  3. Also whether it’s a private or a professional, having a double for a housekeeper makes things easier.

The downside is that when you lose your keys and still keep the same lock, there is always a risk that they fall into the hands of the wrong person. By bad luck again, although Geneva is a big city, this person could discover your address and rob you. It is therefore not recommended to put your address on a keychain attached to your key for security reasons.


Locksmith Manchester

No, and Emergency Locksmith Manchester is not responsible if a locksmith sells it. In many countries, it is illegal to sell and own anti-theft and entry tools. Our locksmiths do not sell these tools to anyone.

Keys marked “Do not copy/copy”, and “Illegal copy” may only be copied if you have a letter of authorisation from the owner/supervisor. The message must be letterhead and indicate the key to be made, the number of cores, the person receiving them, the name and number of the person who wrote the letter. The person who gets the keys will have to fill out the form. We reserve the right to refuse to duplicate the key marked “Do not copy”.

First, Spray the lock with a light oil (such as the WD-40, you will easily find it in large part of the hardware stores or supermarkets). Do not be afraid to spray too much, but have a piece of paper on hand to recover the excess. Spray the oil directly into the lock cavity and onto all components. Move it so that the oil can enter the lock. Avoid removing the lock when you not sure how to reassemble it.

If the WD-40 was not very useful, check if the latch works when the input is wide open. In this case, the problem is no longer at the lock. It can be an alignment of the door with the frame. Look for issues on the doorstep. Also, check the frame if you can see deformation or twist, or the door stops at the stop only at the top or bottom, it means that they are undoubtedly crooked. The entry must rest entirely and stay in the frame without any problems.

Our network Emergency locksmith manchester is composed of several locksmiths in different localities to be as fast as possible in situations requiring emergency intervention.

It is essential to have a local professional who can intervene rapidly.

Wherever you are located in, we serve throughout the Manchester area thanks to our strategic and efficient network of locksmiths!

Thanks to this, we guarantee a repair in less than thirty minutes in case of an emergency.

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Our network works in all Greater Manchester. In 
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