How to protect your home against burglary?


Your most protected place in the whole world. Your home. Place where you should feel safe and happy. However, nothing on this planet comes effortlessly. So when you are moving to the new place, or you are living somewhere where you want to stay for good, think about how to protect your property.

As a Manchester Locksmith, we have some advice for you which way of safety improvements you should choose to reduce the risk of a burglary.

1. Doors and windows

Let’s face it. No thief will dig under your house to break into it. They will choose your weakest points like doors and windows. It’s where all this is starting – how long it will take to hick into your apartment and if it will end successfully or not.

Premium products like windows and doors have high anti-burglary class much higher than the cheapest products on the market.

The more solid construction is, and better materials that it’s made from, using modern technologies it has- the harder it is to break.

The best models also take into account details such as impossible to drill door handles.

The more reliable, the higher the sense of security. And at the same time, comfort and savings, because windows and doors save up to several dozen percents of energy, giving cozy warmth in winter and refreshing coolness in summer. Also, they look attractive and increase the prestige of the building.


2. Choose the best lock

The quality and technology of the door is one thing, and the other is the right choice of lock and cylinder. The price difference between individual models ranges from several dozen to even several hundred pounds. Still, it is worth paying extra to enjoy an increased sense of security.

Making the right consumer decision ensures that the locks are tested for anti-burglary preparation. And in fact, independent tests that you will easily find on the internet show how much time it takes burglars to overcome a specific security measure.

To spoil the ranks of potential thieves, install both a mortise and surface lock in the entrance door. Adequately maintained, right anti-theft insert with many combinations is also worth the price. Fortunately, Locksmith Manchester’s expenditure is much cheaper than buying a new door or buying protection. Hence it is easier to make a profitable exchange.

3. Alarm and monitoring for better security

The more luxurious your home furnishings and the higher the threat to your safety, the more money you should invest in security. There are many ways to increase the level of protection. One of them is the installation of solutions such as automatically lit lamps and an audible alarm. Burglars would prefer to work under cover of night, so some will be discouraged by external lighting alone. Similarly, the audible alarm sounds after unauthorized entry into the house. It will not stop the attackers directly, but due to the noise emitted, it can frighten them with the risk of mishaps.

  • Monitoring

Having a preview of the situation at home on the smartphone screen has become a standard. So you can sunbathe on a tropical island, watching the case in an abandoned house at any time. It is also an ideal solution for entrepreneurs with offices and company headquarters. You should use a trusted security service company (like locksmith manchester) with your monitoring system. They can intervene in a few to several minutes in case of an emergency. If you are afraid of hackers to attack, and you want to sleep peacefully, choose a trusted and experienced company. The best idea is to call manchester locksmith, especially that cheap doesn’t mean bad. 

4. Reliable Local Locksmiths support

Emergency Locksmiths Manchester specializes not only in the assembly and locksmiths service. Our experts, modern locksmiths are also people with extensive experience, combining practical and theoretical service. We are ready to share checked tips that secure the best at the home, apartment, or office. Consultation, assembly, service, and you sleep more easily now! 24-hour manchester locksmith care about your security.